Who is Stephen Curry?

Of course everyone knows who Steph is. But is he as great as people say he is? Is he really one of the all time greatest? His fans seem to think so and so does ESPN. ESPN was ranked 23 out of the top 100. Is he a top 25 player yet? He only has 1 NBA final ring, 0 Finals MVP, and 1 NBA MVP. He’s only played at an elite level for three years and he’s supposedly already in the top 25? Curry was ranked above Isaiah Thomas, but Thomas made 12 NBA all star games, he’s a 2 time NBA champion, a finals MVP and in the hall of fame. Lets compare Curry with Dwane Wade. Wade was in 11 all star games, a finals MVP and a 3 time champion. Many people didn’t know ย Curry in his 4 years of college. We could compare him to Lebrom James who was so good he didn’t even need to go to college. Curry wasn’t a top 5 pick either. Steph Curry has also had his fair of injuries as well. He’s had a hip, ankle, and his most recent a MCL injury. The Warriors beat a really banged up Cavaler team last year. Curry fans and Warrior fans said that injuries don’t really mean anything. Now that Curry is hurt and is going to miss some play time ESPN doesn’t even think the Warriors will make the finals. His fans, and Warrior fans are pretty nervous. Personally I think Curry is overrated and he’s no where near a top 25 player. At least not yet. Curry is a great scorer but he plays no defense. People would say he is extremely talented but I believe the only talent he has is shooting threes. He has very little to his resume and I think the only reason his name is so hype is for his three point shot.







Quality Cosmetics-Half the Price.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Jefree Star Cosmetics and Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, but have you heard of Colour-Pop? Probably not. Why is it that everyone heard of everything super expensive but not anything cheap with the same quality? All three of these cosmetics make liquid lipstick which is trending right now in the world of makeup. Some people would argue that Kylie’s liquid “lippies” are the best because they’re the most in demand and the most expensive. But what people don’t know is that the Colour-Pop brand is made by the exact same people. All three of these are sold exclusively online and only two of them sell out so quickly. Why is that? Why is it that Urban Decay had Naked pallets that go for $53 and CoverGirl has a pallet with the same nude colors and it’s only $10? In today’s era people base what is the best off of how much is it and how much it sells. No one branches out to try new things and no one dares to be different. Yet everyone claims to do their makeup a different way. But if you look at 75% of the girls today their makeup is the same just different tones and different skin. Too-Faced and Anastaia BeverlyHills are on the rise and also expensive. But have you heard of NYX or ELF? In my opinion I believe that NYX is better than Too-Faced and a lot of the cheaper cosmetics are as of the same quality. But don’t twist my words and go by dollar store cosmetics because the reviews on those aren’t that good.

Generation Y (Millennials)

The generation of over-sensitivity. The generation that doesn’t know how to commit. The generation completely controlled by technology. But is it our fault we are the way we are? Is it our fault that our parents put us in front of a TV screen when they wanted us to stop crying? How can the older people blame everything on our generation when it is their babies who taught us what we know and their babies who bought us the technology. It is so hard to communicate with people face to face when we’ve gotten so comfortable hiding behind our computer screen or our phones. We can easily access other peoples lives with a touch of a button. Everything we see on the computer we believe. Is it our fault we are so “brain-washed” when no one is telling us what is ย right and what is wrong? “Back in the day” people could get married young and have babies at the age of 18-19 and now they’re telling us to be free and live while we can? People in this generation say getting married early is like leaving the party at 9pm. What is so wrong with spending your whole life with one person? What is wrong with leaving the party early instead of staying until 7am the next morning not remembering anything? Is it really our generation that is messed up or did people push us to be messed up? The government controls what we see right? So was it them who decided to make our generation like this? Why can’t people take a joke anymore? Why can’t people laugh anything off? How did humans evolve from being so smart to be just as stupid as the average gold fish? Why is ADD on the rise? Is it because we can easily be distracted by everything else around us and social media? Is it because we are so busy ย being fascinated by other people that we don’t even want to be ourselves? Why didn’t our parents teach us discipline and how to focus? You can’t blame everything on a generation when it’s our parents who taught us.

Batman Vs Superman.( NO SPOILERS)

BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN?ย Most people were uncertain that Affleck would play a good enough batman. However, he’s my second favorite under Michael Keaton. Affleck brought a new sense of Batman that people have never seen before. Batman actually killing people? Yes, that happened in a few scenes. Batman is known for his deep, heroic voice and Affleck just does not have that. So what did they do? Change Batman’s suit to mostly electronic, which happens to be 100% bullet proof and has a voice changer-how convenient. Alfred is played by Jeremy Irons. He is still English, but he is not the same yes-man as he once was. Irons brings a new smart-ass effect to Alfred which critics seem to love. Superman is played by Henry Cavill who is not shy being a super-hero seeing he is the same actor from 2013 Man of Steel Superman. Is it just me, or in order to be Superman you have to have a weird shaped chin? Gal Gadot does a phenomenal job as Wonder Woman. Of course she is a kick-ass actress in general, or how else would she be able to keep up with the Fast and the Furious series. The villain Alexander Luther is played by Jesse Eisenberg who also did an outstanding job. Alexander is actually Lex’s son in the movie, so I am pretty excited to see how they bring about his dad in Justice League. The ending is hard to take in, but make sure you pay attention to the last few seconds or you’ll be a tad upset for the rest of your night. This movie could not have gone better. It doesn’t exactly follow the comics, but does any Hollywood movie? You won’t be disappointed, and I give the movie a 8.9/10 stars.