Who is Stephen Curry?

Of course everyone knows who Steph is. But is he as great as people say he is? Is he really one of the all time greatest? His fans seem to think so and so does ESPN. ESPN was ranked 23 out of the top 100. Is he a top 25 player yet? He only has 1 NBA final ring, 0 Finals MVP, and 1 NBA MVP. He’s only played at an elite level for three years and he’s supposedly already in the top 25? Curry was ranked above Isaiah Thomas, but Thomas made 12 NBA all star games, he’s a 2 time NBA champion, a finals MVP and in the hall of fame. Lets compare Curry with Dwane Wade. Wade was in 11 all star games, a finals MVP and a 3 time champion. Many people didn’t know  Curry in his 4 years of college. We could compare him to Lebrom James who was so good he didn’t even need to go to college. Curry wasn’t a top 5 pick either. Steph Curry has also had his fair of injuries as well. He’s had a hip, ankle, and his most recent a MCL injury. The Warriors beat a really banged up Cavaler team last year. Curry fans and Warrior fans said that injuries don’t really mean anything. Now that Curry is hurt and is going to miss some play time ESPN doesn’t even think the Warriors will make the finals. His fans, and Warrior fans are pretty nervous. Personally I think Curry is overrated and he’s no where near a top 25 player. At least not yet. Curry is a great scorer but he plays no defense. People would say he is extremely talented but I believe the only talent he has is shooting threes. He has very little to his resume and I think the only reason his name is so hype is for his three point shot.







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