Generation Y (Millennials)

The generation of over-sensitivity. The generation that doesn’t know how to commit. The generation completely controlled by technology. But is it our fault we are the way we are? Is it our fault that our parents put us in front of a TV screen when they wanted us to stop crying? How can the older people blame everything on our generation when it is their babies who taught us what we know and their babies who bought us the technology. It is so hard to communicate with people face to face when we’ve gotten so comfortable hiding behind our computer screen or our phones. We can easily access other peoples lives with a touch of a button. Everything we see on the computer we believe. Is it our fault we are so “brain-washed” when no one is telling us what is Β right and what is wrong? “Back in the day” people could get married young and have babies at the age of 18-19 and now they’re telling us to be free and live while we can? People in this generation say getting married early is like leaving the party at 9pm. What is so wrong with spending your whole life with one person? What is wrong with leaving the party early instead of staying until 7am the next morning not remembering anything? Is it really our generation that is messed up or did people push us to be messed up? The government controls what we see right? So was it them who decided to make our generation like this? Why can’t people take a joke anymore? Why can’t people laugh anything off? How did humans evolve from being so smart to be just as stupid as the average gold fish? Why is ADD on the rise? Is it because we can easily be distracted by everything else around us and social media? Is it because we are so busy Β being fascinated by other people that we don’t even want to be ourselves? Why didn’t our parents teach us discipline and how to focus? You can’t blame everything on a generation when it’s our parents who taught us.


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