Batman Vs Superman.( NO SPOILERS)

BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN? Most people were uncertain that Affleck would play a good enough batman. However, he’s my second favorite under Michael Keaton. Affleck brought a new sense of Batman that people have never seen before. Batman actually killing people? Yes, that happened in a few scenes. Batman is known for his deep, heroic voice and Affleck just does not have that. So what did they do? Change Batman’s suit to mostly electronic, which happens to be 100% bullet proof and has a voice changer-how convenient. Alfred is played by Jeremy Irons. He is still English, but he is not the same yes-man as he once was. Irons brings a new smart-ass effect to Alfred which critics seem to love. Superman is played by Henry Cavill who is not shy being a super-hero seeing he is the same actor from 2013 Man of Steel Superman. Is it just me, or in order to be Superman you have to have a weird shaped chin? Gal Gadot does a phenomenal job as Wonder Woman. Of course she is a kick-ass actress in general, or how else would she be able to keep up with the Fast and the Furious series. The villain Alexander Luther is played by Jesse Eisenberg who also did an outstanding job. Alexander is actually Lex’s son in the movie, so I am pretty excited to see how they bring about his dad in Justice League. The ending is hard to take in, but make sure you pay attention to the last few seconds or you’ll be a tad upset for the rest of your night. This movie could not have gone better. It doesn’t exactly follow the comics, but does any Hollywood movie? You won’t be disappointed, and I give the movie a 8.9/10 stars.